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Rewards Card

California Groomin' VIP ClubCulver City Dog Groomer Rewards CardSimple money saving goodness. California Groomin’ is now offering a Rewards Card. After 10 groomings, you get 1 Bath FREE or 50% Off Haircut.

The only catch is: Get 10 groomings AND request the 11th bath or haircut within 15 months. That is way less than once per month. It is that easy.

To earn your #11 money saving goodie, you can combine any number of baths or haircuts as long as they total 10. That means, you (as in your doggie) can get 2 haircuts and 8 baths, or 5 haircuts and 5 baths, or… well, you get the idea. Any combo that adds up to 10 and you can pick either 1 Bath Free or 50% Off Haircut.

How do I get it?

  • Just tell us that you want to earn a FREE Bath or 50% Off Haircut with the Rewards Card.

How much does the Rewards Card cost?

  • There is no charge.

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