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Puppy Grooming

California Groomin’ will give your puppy the best grooming ever — guaranteed! When you come to California Groomin’ you will be welcomed into a clean and friendly salon where you and your pet will be treated like one of the family. We have been given an “A” grade for code requirements by Los Angeles County Animal Control every year since 2001. At California Groomin’ we only use all natural and organic products without any chemicals or preservatives.

Rates: Rates for our 12-Step Groomin’ Spa Package vary depending on size and breed. I promise to provide upscale service and years of experience at a very reasonable price. Please call today for a quick quote (310) 398-0227.

12-Step Spa Package Puppy Grooming
Clean the ears with an all natural ear cleaner to gently remove dirt and excess ear wax.

2. Shave the pads on the feet to keep them clean.

3. Sanitary shave (if necessary) to keep the privates clean when your puppy goes potty.

4. Express anal glands.

5. Clip the nails.

6. Pre-bath brush out (and dematting if necessary)

7. Check for fleas, ticks, infections, lumps, bumps, hot spots, skin lesions, and any abnormalities from nose to tail that may need medical attention.

8. Bathe your pet with a top quality all natural and organic shampoo that will gently clean the skin and coat without stripping away the natural body oils. This will re-moisturize and condition the skin and coat.

9. Apply an all natural moisturizer/conditioner after your puppy is bathed leaving the skin moisturized and the coat feeling nice and soft.

10. Dry your puppy. For puppies that will tolerate it, we use a high velocity hand dryer to remove excess hair and dry the coat.  If hand drying is too stressful for your puppy, he/she will be cage dried and brushed by hand to remove dead hair. CAGE DRYING IS DONE IN A FULLY VENTILATED AREA AND MONITORED AT ALL TIMES.

11. Finish with a thorough brushing, combing and trimming (if necessary).

12. Apply a finishing spray and a colorful bow or bandanna (optional). A fresh and clean smelling protein and lanolin finishing spray will be applied along with a lightly scented cologne (Optional).

Your puppy will feel good, look good, smell good and look forward to their next visit!

Call us today to set up your appointment (310) 398-0227.

Mini Grooming services do not require an appointment. For more answers check out our frequently asked questions or call us.

We also offer a while you wait Doggie Express Wash.